We can provide your office catering, weather it is for daily meals, special events, functions or even setting up your canteen.


We help with an energy boost before your workout or provide a protein shake, snack or full meal after your workout.


Birthdays, Anniversaries, cooking classes or workshops can all be arranged. Send us your request.


Contact us, if you would like to offer our products to your clients. Freshly prepared drinks or meals to a discounted price.


"I signed up for the weekly meal plan and couldn't be happier with the food or the service. Jimmy set up a personalised menu corresponding with my nutritional requirements. The food is well prepared and tastes great."

Brandy Briggs

"Just spent 4 days in Nice enjoying some AMAZING culinary delights! Jimmy's food is out of this world & beyond - a must try for everyone."

Sofia Cotta

"Excellent nutritionally balanced meals that are fresh and delicious for daily eats or post work-out."

Michael Nordblom

"Easy to order, quick in delivery & super delicious!!!! El Coco Kitchen‘s meals are perfectly sized and I’m hitting all my macros. Helps a lot if you don’t have the time to cook or food prep. Thumbs up guys ;))"

Dom Dom II

"A big shout out to Jimmy and the El Coco kitchen. He brought me a very tasty and healthy lunch for exactly one year. I do Crossfit each day and I have my own company so when I arrived in Barcelona I was searching for healthy food that fit my macros and requires almost no time for me to prepare. El Coco kitchen was exactly that. Jimmy delivered my lunch at the office 5 days a week. Now we will move from Barcelona, I am going to miss this amazing lunch! Thank you Jimmy for everything!"

Caroline Koppers

"Hey Jimmy! Just wanted to let you know that the food was really amazing today!! We loved your new summer dishes! The potatoe dish was so good and the mango one too! It was all amazing :) Thank you so much!"

Emma Loizidis


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