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El Coco Kitchen Meal Plans

We take care of it all, you just have to eat and enjoy.

We offer healthy meal plans, delivered to your home or office. No shopping, cooking or cleaning required, we make sure to prepare what you need.


Simply choose one of our weekly or monthly meal plans or even personalize them, whether it is Vegan, Vegetarian, Keto, high protein, low carb or any other wishes.

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A nice selection of all our meals. Choose yourself or let us choose for you


Meat Lovers

Meat only? No problem, select your favorite meat dishes or we select a nice mix for you


Tell us your preference and we will send you different options to choose from, or leave it to us



Interested in a low carb Keto meal plan? We have the right meals for you


Inform us about your needs and we'll try our best to accommodate them

Extra charges may apply

Balanced Diet

Vegetarian & Vegan


Sign up for one of our healthy and macro controlled meal plans!


Select between weekly or monthly plans and receive fresh,

balanced and delicious meals at home or at your place of work

If you know what you like, order now and choose your plan, with your meal choices in the comment box or have a look at our full menu here and let us know what your choice is. 

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5 meals for 50€

10 meals for 90€

Screenshot 2020-05-24 at 16.34.02.png

20 meals for 170€

40 meals for 325

  • 2 weekly deliveries included within Barcelona city, an extra-delivery charge may apply depending on delivery area

  • Meals are served cold and can be kept in the refrigerator for 3 days

  • Ask us for drinks or snacks to add to your plan

  • You can ask us for the macros of every dish 

  • Orders for Monday, please send by Saturday, for any other day, 1 day in advance by 12:00

Contact us

for more details or questions

Thanks for submitting!

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